Please note DebtHelp360 is a company that helps consumers find debt relief providers. DebtHelp360 itself does not offer debt relief services.

Once you complete our form, you agree to have a member of our debt relief companies network contact you either by telephone or email. Upon contact, this company will give you the details for their services. They may charge you a fee for their service. Final results of debt settlements vary based on each proposal, the ability to save funds, to complete the program's terms and the willingness of any individual creditor to negotiate a settlement for any individual consumer's debt.

Our partners provide debt settlement services. This is a sensitive process where both creditor and consumer come to an agreement for repayment of an outstanding debt. In some cases, this can be a consolidated or smaller amount than originally owed. As there are variables in these negotiations, it is not possible to determine the outcome of any negotiation.

Once there is a settlement, consumers must make monthly programmed payments, approximately 50% of the enrolled balance before any fees and, with fees included, between 68% to 75% over a 24 to 48 month period. These estimates are based on previously recorded results which can vary based on specific circumstances.

DebtHelp360 cannot make any guarantees that any debt situation will be resolved for any specific amount, percentage, within a specific time period or at all. DebtHelp360 does not assume consumer debt, make any payments to creditors or provide any form of tax. Accounting, financial or bankruptcy counsel or credit repair services.

A debt settlement may come with taxes. Consumers should contact a tax professional to get clarification of any tax consequences of a debt settlement.

Note that any agreements, terms, conditions or other services that result from a partnership with one of our listed debt relief companies is exclusively between the consumer and the company. DebtHelp360 does not guarantee or support the products or services offered by any of the companies in our network. We only relay contact information between consumers and debt relief providers.

As per FTC guidelines, DebtHelp360 openly reveals there may be a financial relationship with members of our network. It should be understood some form of compensation may be given to us by a member. This compensation can be in the form of money, services, complimentary products or any combination thereof.

Please take the time to carefully review all program materials before enrolling, including all information about the possible adverse impact these services may have on your credit score as debt settlement services can affect credit standing.

Consumers can have issues with completing the program for an array of reasons, including an inability to save funds. If payments are not managed or if there is delinquency, consumers can become subject to collection. Consumers could be taken to court by creditors or collection agencies. Lack of payment and delinquency can also increase any outstanding balance on enrolled accounts because of accrual of interest, late charges and fees. However, any settlement negotiated on your behalf resolve the original account, including all fees and interest associated with that account.

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